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Need to find a local Ballarat hot water service plumber?

When you’ve got literally no time to research who’s a reliable trustworthy plumber in Ballarat, and you simply need an emergency hot water plumber to repair your hot water system fast, then call Rick Corbett, right now on 0418 503 411.

Life as a plumber in Ballarat

Rick Corbett completed his general plumbing apprenticeship in Ballarat over three decades ago after being inspired to learn the trade from his father and grandfather. From generations of trusted Ballarat plumber ancestors, Rick’s established business, Corbett Plumbing Pty Ltd, has served home owners and landlords in the local community for many years.

Seeing a need for a emergency hot water system plumber who specialises in emergency hot water system repair in Ballarat, Rick has now based his business around working and helping residents with repair of hot water systems full time. His knowledge on hot water system repairs is vast and you can be certain he will be able to get you back on hot water quickly.

A fully licensed and accredited plumber (ID 24565), Rick holds registration to perform electric hot water and gas hot water replacements and repairs.

As an emergency hot water plumber in Ballarat, Rick offers a high level of customer care by:

  • answering and returning all calls and messages received

  • personally attending every Ballarat call site, as an emergency hot water plumber Ballarat, to assess your situation at no cost

  • providing free no-obligation quotes for same-day installations of hot water systems in Ballarat

  • supplying new hot water systems and installing to compliance and government regulations

  • promptly resolving your problem and making your needs the priority of every hot water plumbing repair job in Ballarat


On the odd chance Rick is unable to attend as your emergency hot water plumber Ballarat, he’s 100% committed to helping you receive hot water plumbing repairs. Therefore, he’ll do everything possible to arrange a qualified member of his team to help you with your emergency hot water service repairs, or replacement hot water system, if necessary.

Speak to your local Ballarat plumber, Rick Corbett, today about your plumbing problem – for complete peace of mind.


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0418 503 411

Immediate professional advice

By speaking directly and face-to-face with a hot water system repair specialist plumber in Ballarat, you’ll receive professional on-the-spot advice from the tradesperson who will install your new hot water system or repair your current unit.

Rather than wasting time speaking to a call centre operator for a hot water company, you’ll have the right hot water system plumbing professional at your house. They’ll see exactly how your house plumbing and gas/electricity connections are set up; what distances various baths, showers and sinks are from your hot water unit, as well as find out your household size and budget, so they can help you make the best choice and decision for how to fix your hot water problem.

“In my years of plumbing I’ve learnt that the best way to deal with hot water system emergencies is to first go to the job, take a good look and diagnose the problem, then provide a free quote to the customer on the spot. They’re under no pressure to hire me for the work, but most of the time they do because I can put in a new hot water system from my trusted suppliers on the very same day, usually within 3 or 4 hours. Then they’re as good as gold. There’s not that much to hot water systems, but when they don’t work, it’s very inconvenient….” – Rick

Hot water system plumbing repairs Ballarat

While Ballarat is Rick’s main service area, as an emergency hot water plumber, he’s available to replace hot water systems and do hot water plumbing repairs in Ballan, Buninyong, Creswick, Dean, Gordon, Learmonth, Scarsdale, Smythesdale, Snake Valley and other nearby locations.

For free on-site quotes at locations that are over a 10- or 15-minute drive away, Rick may request a small fee to cover fuel. But this will be explained over the phone when you call and you can decide beforehand – of course!

“I don’t believe in call out fees, I don’t think it’s fair on the customer, especially when I don’t have too far to drive in Ballarat. Ballarat is a small city; it only takes 10 minutes to get anywhere. So, I’ll come to your house for free. And I never NOT turn up! My customers know there’s nothing to lose by calling me…” – Rick